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“I’m 24 and for as long as i can remember i have refused to eat any veg or salad and the thought of having to eat or try any of these foods made me feel anxious. After just one session with Adam i am now eating veg and salad and have discovered so many new foods that i enjoy yet would never have tried before hypnotherapy, this is a massive change for my lifestyle and i cant thank him enough.” – Chanel

“Hi Adam I’ve been meaning to text you but been dead busy. My flight was the best flight I’ve ever taken. I took my ball on board and used it a couple of times. It was weird because I kept thinking I’ll be scared in a minute but it never came it was so chilled. The engine roared and nothing so thank you so so much x”.– Stacey, Fear of flying

“I’ve known Adam for quite a few years and I needed help to sort myself out. Very professional. Excellent service, thank you Adam”. -Rachel

“Adam – a man with vast knowledge, great nature and always a pleasure to work with”.-Sahib

“Adam helped me to overcome my nerves and pass my driving test. Adam showed me various techniques to try at home to help me become more focused and less anxious about my test. I felt more in control of my nerves, thoughts and emotions and believe that if it wasn’t for Adam that the outcome may not have been successful.”
Julie B

“The phantom limb seems to be much more under control now and not so disturbing as it was.”

“For far too many years I had allowed my fears of flying and claustrophobia limit me and miss out on opportunities. The negative emotions I felt caused to me to attach feelings of panic and upset to what maybe a perfectly normal experience. So when presented with the invite to visit family abroad in the Caribbean the thought of a long haul flight caused me to automatically talk myself out of going and the opportunity missed.After an initial meeting with Adam to ascertain my goal and explanation how this would be achieved my mind was put at ease and attended further hypnotherapy sessions all handled in a calm and professional environment.I felt not only a great burden lifted from my shoulders but was then able to book the flights and actually look forward to my holiday without any anxiety leading up to the flight. The flight itself went far better than I could have imagined !
It was a fantastic feeling to be able to relax on the flight and not allow all the previous negative thoughts and emotions manifest themselves. I want to thank you so much for your help and support and can honestly say I am not sure I would have undertaken the journey without your help. I now look forward to booking my next trip abroad.”

“Adam stopped me over eating food which was my downfall. I went to see Adam last year to stop my constant eating of junk food and chocolate, within a month of seeing Adam I had lost half a stone which I have kept off and I dont eat nowhere near as much as I used to. thanks Adam. x

“I went to see Adam having a problem with confidence, and after a short amount of sessions, I now feel like I have got a whole new outlook of my life, it’s amazing. I would recommend hypnosis to anyone; I wish I did it years ago.
Thank you Adam for all of your help.”

I found hypnotherapy one of the best choices I have ever made. I found after my first session I was so focused on what I was trying to do, and I have been ever since so much. I’ve lost 12.5lb in a month.”


“I was recommended to try hypnotherapy some time ago, but I dismissed the option straight away. This was mainly due to my skepticism towards the subject, and general public opinion. However, I managing to put my skepticism to one side after meeting up with Adam, although I didn’t hold out much hope for success, I was pleasantly greeted at Adam sat me down and explained the process of hypnosis, and how he could help. Even at this point I thought ‘there’s no way this is going to work.’ but before I knew I was under. I couldn’t believe it, and at the same time I couldn’t care less. It was the most relaxing thing ever. He told me that i was going to feel various things, and I did, I drifted in and out of daydreams as he hypnotized me and turned me into a non smoker. Top Bloke”

“It’s really strange when i have stopped smoking before even after a few months I still fancy a smoke, But honestly nothing, I haven’t wanted a smoke since i left your front door, been on the lash with me smoking M8’s wired like I have never smoked in my life thanks again.”

“I would recommend Adam to anyone who is looking to create a positive change in their lives. When working Adam he has been both professional and caring and this has resulted in me allowing to overcome obstacles in my live and being more positive and happy. Thanks again Adam”
Steve H

“Adam is knowledgeable and experienced in Hypnotherapy my confidence has improved and after a previous phobia of rollercoaster’s has eradicated. I am less wary of jumping on one now!”

“I used 2 smoke nearly 40 cigerettes a day but since new years day I haven’t had a cigerette thanks to being hypnotised.”

“I had four appointments with Adam to aid weight loss and subsequently to lower blood pressure. Each session was conducted proficiently, punctually and with empathy. As Adam’s qualificiations are many he was able to practise several different therapies. Knowing that I could email or phone to “touch base” between appointments was appreciated. Four weeks down the line I am losing weight steadily, and my blood pressure is falling.
Thanks Adam.”

“Hello Adam just to give you a update since I finished my weight management, well everything is still on track and I have lost 2 stone and still eating healthy thank you once again”
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