The Magic Pill

The Magic Pill

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The Magic Pill.

Hypnotherapy is not the magic pill.

In this blog I want to talk about managing clients expectations.

Time and time again I get new clients coming to see me who expect to be fixed in one session. I believe this to be in unrealistic in a lot of cases. If someone comes in with a simple phobia or fear then one session is often enough however I cannot guarantee this either.

If you’ve had an issue for years and years is it is it really acceptable or realistic that it can be completely cured I got rid of within a one-hour session?

A lot of behaviours seem very simple on the surface but can be complicated when you start delving deeper. I want you to imagine people are just like an onion, we have to peel away the layers in order to get to the core.

The psychologist Carl Jung said behind every emotion there is an emotion hence the onion metaphor above.

It is my job as a therapist to explain this to new clients and manage their expectations.

Yes I have seen some truly wonderful results within one hypnotherapy session, these clients tend to be very open to positive suggestion and change. I treat the client not the symptom.

I believe hypnotherapy when used by experienced and fully trained practitioner like myself is a very powerful tool for change.

There are a couple of elements in therapy which will help towards the success therapeutic process.

The skill and experience of the practitioner or therapists in conveying and communicating effectively the skills and tools needed by the client.

The client has to be ready for change and go into the process wholeheartedly accepting the suggestions of therapists or practitioner. The client has to be prepared to do some homework as well, I may set the client some mental training tasks or physical tasks this is help the client get to the maximum benefit. I expect the client to carry these out to my instructions.

Everything I do is to help the client.

Effectively the therapist and client work together as a team allowing the desired outcome become a reality.

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