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The Psychoeducation of the client is one of the most important aspects of therapy for the client. Psychoeducation is an important first step of treatment.

Every behaviour, thought or emotion has a pattern however most clients don’t know, understand and more importantly recognise this happens and the effect of such impactful things going on.

For example, I tell clients “Most us have conversations with ourselves in our heads but we rarely listen to what we saying or telling ourselves” and this seems to start off a process of reflective thought straight away.

Instinctively, many people believe what their brains tell them. And, they are surprised to learn that just because they think something, doesn’t make it true.

My job is help educate the client uncover those patterns so they are no longer a nonconscious process, once they become in the conscious awareness of the client they then start to recognise what’s useful and what not.

Explaining what happens in the brain to cause symptoms helps your clients. It helps them to better understand their disorder. And, it helps them understand what they can do to create new circuits in their brain.

Once the client knows how, what and why they are doing that thing then we can start to work on that thing finding the adjustments that need to take place in order for the client to move forward and gain control.

When clients feel valued, capable, and clear on what they need to do, they tend to bring a better attitude toward therapy.

Educating your clients about depression, anxiety, or another disorder they may have, helps them to understand the facts. Psychoeducation can help people identify their problematic coping strategies, as well as understand the negative consequences.

Education all comes down to giving the client more control of the issue and being able to recognise in the future if they need to. It all about giving the client another set of tools in life that they can use everyday, they may not need all the tools however they will be in the tool bag metaphorically.

Education is key to allowing the client to not only understand the problem more but being able to feel more in control of the problem. By gaining that confidence in themselves and how they think this can create a massive shift internally turning a problem into a more educated understanding of the problem and what’s may have contributed to it getting better or worse in the past.

Education helps to update the clients knowledge and understanding.

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